fifteen years in prison against Claude Chossat


The attorney general at the trial of the "repentant" Corsican sees especially in the accused the accomplice of the godfather Francis Mariani in the murder of Richard Casanova, in April 2018. Verdict Friday.

By Yves Bordenave Posted today at 22h59, updated at 23h37

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Recall the string, Thursday, November 7, in Aix-en-Provence at the Assize Court of Bouches-du-Rhone, before which appears for eleven days Claude Chossat. Against him, pursued for "organized assassination" in the murder of Richard Casanova on April 23, 2008 in Porto-Vecchio (Corse-du-Sud), the general lawyer Pierre Cortès asked fifteen years of criminal imprisonment. Addressing the accused, the company's representative warned: "You will have to answer to justice. "

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Pierre Cortès does not really like the image that Claude Chossat has fashioned since from the end of 2009 he confessed to the investigators concerning La Brise de mer. "The media has made it their icon, the symbol of the fight against mafia", he started. And for police officers, "It's practically Stockholm Syndrome"he amuses himself. But in his eyes, this is not worth absolution. Pierre Cortès is willing to believe certain statements of the accused, but under "Inventory profit". So Chossat, a repentant? Surely not. "A repentant is one who says everything without sparing himself", he says. But in his eyes, Claude Chossat did not say everything and especially he did not say that truths. "I do not believe Claude Chossat with the faith of the coalman. " As the Advocate General is convinced, when he decides to speak in police custody in December 2009, Claude Chossat is in a defense strategy.

"With what we have, you take for thirty years"

"What is his personal situation at the time of his sensational custody? " He asks. Chossat is in custody in a case of misuse of corporate assets. But when the police hear it, it's a criminal case they put in front of them. They have his DNA in an assassination committed in Aix-en-Provence a year earlier. Chossat who, from 2007 to 2008, was the driver but especially the handyman of Francis Mariani, one of the sponsors of La Brise de mer, immediately understands what he risks. And besides, the police officers are pleased to tell him: "With what we have, you take for thirty years. " As Pierre Cortès points out, if he wants to avoid "To languish in the jails of the Republic, he must react".


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