Founder of the gang of La Brise de mer, Francis Mariani, the founding member of the gang, is set for the 2008 murder of Richard Casanova.

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Claude Chossat is being tried in the Aix-en-Provence Courthouse for the murder of Richard Casanova in Porto-Vecchio in 2008.
Claude Chossat is sentenced in the Aix-en-Provence Courthouse for the murder of Richard Casanova in Porto-Vecchio in 2008. GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Attorney General Pierre Cortes sentenced Thursday, November 7, to 15 years in prison for Claude Chossat for complicity in the murder of Richard Casanova in 2008, harassing the"Usurpation" of the status of repentance claimed by the accused, formerly of the Corsican criminal gang La breeze de mer.

Mr. Cortes, however, dismissed the thesis that Claude Chossat killed Richard Casanova on April 23, 2008 in Porto-Vecchio (Corse-du-Sud). For the Attorney General, this is the «Boss» of Chossat, Francis Mariani, who died in 2009, who was shot, to get rid of the man with whom, according to investigators, he founded The Sea Breeze in the 1970s.

For nearly two years, from 2007 to 2009, Claude Chossat served"A great killer", as he himself says, the founder Francis Mariani, a founding member of the gang. He was the driver, the bodyguard, the factotum, in short, the man of all things Francis Mariani, who died in an explosive attack in January 2009.

"A logic of murder"

"Francis Mariani delegated only subordinate tasks", this murder, "It's the fact of the boss, the fact of the prince", said Mr. Cortes, confirming on this point the constant position of Chossat, 42, in front of investigators. But Mariani's handyman "Could not ignore that we were that day in a logic of murder", the magistrate continued.

Taken aback by this requisition, Claude Chossat's wife melted into tears, learning of the sentence. He would be sent to prison "Put him in the hall of death", she had stated on the first day of the trial, October 28. But for Mr. Cortes, Chossat is clearly not a repentant: "There was a real repentance in Corsica, Patrick Giovannoni, who damaged the band of the Petit Bar", another Corsican criminal gang, a competitor to La Brise de mer, said.

Against David Taddei, 45, the second defendant, prosecuted for supplying a firearm to Mariani, whose weapon used to kill Richard Casanova, the attorney general, was sentenced to five to six years in prison. Defense hearings are expected Friday afternoon, the verdict in the afternoon.

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