“Fifty push-ups and dumpsters every morning before it breaks.” Singer Jordan Haj on endless exercise and diets

“When the movie Fight Club came out, I thought that once I grew up, I would also have such a fancy character. That baking pan, ”recalls singer Jordan Haj. He admits that he has been struggling with his character since puberty. But with no diet or exercise, it lasts and starts all the time. Appearance is also important for him due to his music career. “I know my fans will appreciate getting the whole package, including the corresponding visuals,” he adds. Jordan is one of the characters in the fourth part of the podium Edge.

Czech-Israeli musician Jordan Haj admits that in order to get closer to his aesthetic ideal, he repeatedly keeps diets, sports and sometimes gets on the edge. “I’ve started two hundred times in my life. I can’t work very well with that. Maybe now I was a vegetarian and I ate almost no sugars. But then I found out that I had almost nothing left but some salads and that it didn’t work very well, “laughs Jordan.

While Jordan strives to meet the expectations of his fans on social media and live concerts, the mysterious instagram personality @dannyprague exists exclusively in the virtual world. At first glance, he lives a fantastic life: he travels on private planes around the world, stays in luxury hotels and his grid contains mostly half-naked images of an elaborate body – here surrounded by luxury brands, here in the waves of the azure sea in Dubai.

“I create the profile. But is it me? Well, by no means! ”He says during a meeting with documentary filmmaker Lukáš Houdek. In the podcast, you will learn how he builds an unrealistic identity on Instagram and why he does not believe that it could have a negative effect on other men.

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Forty-five-year-old Michal, a former manager from Prague who has been struggling with bulimia since the age of twenty, has also been pursuing the ideal ideal of a man’s body all his life. “Like visiting parents, where it was, ‘Take this, eat this!’ at some point, they ended up simply throwing it up, ”he reveals. “I am not fat, I have a normal figure. But I felt she was bad. The knowledge that the ideal is somewhere else has led to frustration for me. “

The growing interest in an idealized “masculine” appearance is reflected, among other things, in the number of aesthetic medicine doctors’ offices. Doctor Alberto Leguina, who has an internship in Prague, says that men already make up half of his clients. “She wants to look young and fresh. They want natural-looking interventions and are willing to pay big bucks. They are very discreet, “he describes his experience. It explains what wishes men come up with, why they often travel abroad for procedures or what the so-called facial masculinisation entails.

What does the ideal of male beauty look like? What influence do social networks have on its maintenance? And how can the hunt for a sculpted muscular body turn out? Obedientlyyes you fourth part of podcastsIt’s sIt’srie Hrana.

Hrana is a five-part documentary podcast series by Lukáš Houdek. It conveys the stories of men who, due to their desire for a dream character, are fighting with their own bodies. Together with experts, he thinks about what shapes today’s ideas about the ideal body. And why obsessive exercise, weight monitoring, and eating disorders are taboo topics in men. Listen to wave.cz/hrana, in the mujRozhlas application and in other podcast applications.

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Author: Lukáš Houdek
Radio Wave playwright: Veronika Ruppert
Creative group playwright Document: Daniel Kupšovský

Sound Master:
Ladislav Reich

Audio collaboration:
Radek Veselý

Václav Rouček

Visualize: Adam Křena