Fight against violence against women: 2022 report – L’Etat dans le Var

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Evence Richard, Prefect of the Var, along with the public prosecutors of Toulon and Draguignan, chaired the 6th departmental commission for the fight against violence against women (CODEV). This violence is diverse and encompasses domestic violence, sexual violence, gender-based and sexual violence at work, sexual mutilation, forced marriages, polygamy, prostitution and/or trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

As an extension of the Grenelle against domestic violence in 2019, the government has strengthened the measures and means to better protect victims and improve the care of perpetrators of violence. The orientations led to the reinforcement of the departmental piloting prefect-prosecutors of the Republic and to an increased coordination of the whole of the actors.

CODEV is organized by the departmental delegate for women’s rights and equality in its mission of departmental coordination and consistency of actions and systems. It brings together all the institutional and associative actors called upon to intervene in the fight against violence against women within a specific structure with regard to the particularity of the subject, without however ignoring the interest of tackling this question in other bodies, in particular those responsible for crime prevention.

The CODEV made it possible to make a quantified assessment of violence against women, but also to present the new systems put in place in the department and to define the new orientations for 2023. These systems include the establishment of a police social worker within the police station of Draguignan and Fréjus (Le Cap) since January 1, 2022, the provision by the municipality of a T3 to facilitate the shelter for women victims of domestic violence, the birth of the first Maison d’Ailes in Fréjus, and the signature of a “Michèle” agreement, a public-private partnership, between the State, the Federation of Commerce and Distribution and 5 state partner operators.

Tools for better information were also produced to facilitate the knowledge and understanding of the general public, such as the Var system guide for professionals 2022, pocket cards with useful contacts, posters, and a communication campaign on domestic violence.

For more information, contact the departmental delegate for women’s rights and equality: [email protected]