Fight against violence against women: a sufficient budget?

Has the government not devoted as much money as announced to its policy of combating violence against women? This is supported by two senators, Eric Bocquet (Communist Party) and Arnaud Bazin (LR), in a report filed on July 8 and conveniently published this week on the Senate website. Or a few days before the first anniversary of the Grenelle against domestic violence.

As part of this Grenelle, the government announced an envelope of 1.116 billion euros to carry out its policy of equality between women and men. However, for the two senators, this sum corresponds to the upper limit of expenses that can be incurred . In 2020, the actual payments made would only amount to 557.8 million euros.

Of this billion euros, 360 million euros must be devoted this year to the fight against violence against women. An amount which, according to the two rapporteurs, has in fact increased only slightly compared to 2019, the year during which 342 million euros had been devoted to the same cause.

For the two senators, this slight increase therefore reduces the proper implementation of the measures announced. A thousand emergency accommodation places for women victims of violence must be created: 250 emergency places and 750 temporary relocation solutions. However, the call for projects launched provides for an average cost per place of 25 €. An insufficient amount, according to the associations, for an adapted care which would require an expenditure of 40 to 50 € instead , write Arnaud Bazin and Eric Bocquet.


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