"Fighter" Subaru Legacy struck out on the spot a reviewer: AvtoMedia: VladTime


According to the reviewer, Legacy is an excellent replacement for much more expensive Japanese cars.

Subaru Legacy Sedan has spotted blogger Viktor Smeyukha. First of all, he appreciated the LED “Japanese” daytime running lights and head optics in general, made in the usual Asian style. At the same time, the headlights themselves are ordinary, linsed, but they turn after the steering wheel, such is the budget replacement of adaptive optics. You can also highlight a large pipe exhaust system, but the blogger did not have the second one for full symmetry.

Under the hood of the Subaru Legacy is a 2.0-liter boxer engine for 175 "horses" – as the blogger noted, not the most impressive power plant, but the most important thing is how the car goes with it. The dashboard was named fairly concise and simple, but – understandable and traditional in Japanese: many different buttons, touch panels, and a very comfortable steering wheel.

The variator box, to the surprise of the reviewer, turned out to be very clear and reliable, the driver appreciated how the transmission picks up and speeds up the car while driving, although at that moment it was not even in sport mode: “You feel like driving a fighter!”

From the dynamics and control in general, the blogger was delighted, noting that the Subaru Legacy on the road behaves no worse than the famous "Germans". It rolls in all corners, no problems with acceleration or overtaking – the expert finally began to understand all Subaru fans, noting that the car creates real magic: “A big business sedan, which, though not homely inside, is hell-controlled! Why do we need a Camry, if you have it? ”.




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