Sciensano today released detailed figures on the coronavirus crisis in our country. One of the files concerns the number of confirmed cases by municipality.

“Finally” will say some. Sciensano, the scientific institute that distributes Covid-19 figures on a daily basis, has just made the data in its possession available.

No more guessing at some figures in the presentation of Sciensano, all the data concerning this crisis which affects the country are made public.

They allow us to see more clearly, and they will above all enable journalists and the public, but above all scientists, to better understand and understand the epidemic.

First data that we have chosen to share: the number of confirmed cases by municipality.

Two caveats are necessary in the face of these figures.

First, the number of cases confirmed (by a test) obviously only reflects a proportion of infected people in a municipality. Some people will not develop symptoms and therefore will never know that they have been or are still infected. The actual number of people infected with the coronavirus is impossible to know, unless the entire population can be tested.

Second, we have the raw numbers here on the map. It is therefore not surprising to see that the big cities are more affected. Who says more inhabitants, necessarily says more contamination.

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