Fikri cheated his eyes sleepy

Yesterday Fikri cheated his eyes sleepiness
And the thought does not give birth to nightmares

I got up and lit the fire from under Hamas
And I got excited from Khawlan by five measures

Dqethn in Najr Danh like bells
But he calls him Eid Al Maramis

And settled for me a fanjal that clears the head
The smell of attracting Valras Aws obsessions
Oh my God, they are far from thoughtful thoughts
And Durhamn in Al-Ras exalted the obsessive
And the day my mind refreshed on a sensitive situation
It was only orchestrated by demons and the Devil
Oh my idea and how things are going to be copper
Owls nest above the den of cornucopia
I saw the fox surrounded by soldiers and guards
And she saw the predators between exile and mahabis
Ahbo Habito, O Mkhabeth breath
O people of infidelity, falsehood, and the people of Al-Danafis
Wakhsu Khasitu Yasrabit and Anjas
Tabaa miserable group of troubles
His alliance with the horrible must be indisputable
He no longer plays their alliance behind the scenes
The situation is bald and right, O Chef Alfas
Mahjud and Musbeh stingy Kradis
Harbin exceeded the war of overpowering and gassing
Sixty years old, they brought her Marawis
The impact of the document has no sass
Valbait Dasso ink and Alqratis
To have mercy on your father, do you have opinion and bowls?
You don’t hear the bells ringing today
The nerve of the turban comes from above the mares
We no longer need positions as peacocks
Who does not stand for the right and show us the bass
If he had money from us signs of reverence
Today we grind between Niban and molars
And if except for today, our project is dis
What do you understand the lesson? How do you feel?
Their malice exceeded all standards
Walk on the largest of beards, the edge of the razor
And we were a group of people who planted spies
What did the rest of Hanu return to the house and the people?
They want it to be an estate of slaves and buffaloes
Do not hit the palm with fifths and sixths
It is no longer useful what was written in the pamphlets
Hosho see humiliation did not bring diamonds
Al-Hasbanakam Al-Mufatis account
Pride in the age of the boy Ras Nomas
Rejection of humiliation is the head of all laws
Otherwise, you would have been tormented by despair
Yashin, after the sun, see Al-Kharamis
Sealed with words between brackets
Either we live free or we are free