FilGoal | News Ali Daei: Ronaldo will break my digital .. He succeeded in what Messi failed


Iranian football legend Ali Daei believes that Portugal's top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo will break his historic record.

Daei tops the list of international scorers with 109 goals, a number some thought was unbreakable until Ronaldo recently threatened to reach 95 goals with Portugal.

"I am very proud as long as this record holds," Daei told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The Iranians are happy with what I have achieved in my career. In fact, this number is not mine, but my entire people."

"I wouldn't be frustrated if Ronaldo skipped me, because the records were created to break, which will happen sooner or later."

He continued: "I'm happy that a great player like him will skip me, I like the way he moves on the pitch."

Daei continued to praise Ronaldo: "Ronaldo is still at his best, I consider him one of the best 3 players ever, and I can only wish him the best."

"Ronaldo has contributed to the development of his country in recent years, while Lionel Messi has failed to do so with Argentina. So I think he will break my number."

"The challenge of winning the Champions League will be harder than breaking my number, because of the strong clubs in the competition that have the same ambition, but with Ronaldo, Juventus have more chances of winning."

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