FilGoal | News | Aston Villa coach: Our chances of winning games are greater because of what we are doing now

Aston Villa coach Dean Smith believes his team now has what gives them ample chances of winning matches in the Premier League.

Goals by Jack Grealish, Conor Hurryhan and Tyrone Mings against Fulham contributed to their second successive victory in the team’s first two Premier League matches for the first time since 1999.

“Football is a difficult game, and you have to find a balance between attack and defense, at the moment we have this balance,” Smith said in comments, most notably his club’s website.

“We scored wonderful goals against Follum, but what made me happiest about this match was the desire to keep the ball out of our net,” he added.

“It is about maintaining this balance between defense and attack. If we can do that, this will give us a great chance to win the matches,” he added.

The match saw Aboubacar Camara score a goal for Fulam in the 56th minute, but the video technology caused him to cancel due to the intervention of Alexander Mitrovic and impeded his Aston Villa defender during the attack.

Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet” participated in the starting lineup of his team, and came out in the 83rd minute, replacing Bertrand Traore.

While Ahmed Al-Mohammadi sits on the bench seats of Aston Villa.

With that result, Aston Villa scored six points, ranking fourth in the table and has a postponed match against Manchester City.

Fulam is last with no point.


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