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FilGoal | News Farouk Jafar: Gros and Zamalek the best in the league and not Confederation .. And a message to the Department

Farouk Jaffar believes that Zamalek manager Christian Gross does not have enough experience to lead the team in the Confederation Cup.

"Zamalek is the best team and Gross is the best manager in the Egyptian league, but they are not the best in the Confederation," Jaafar said on the Loyeb program on MBC Egypt.

"Grosse's experiences are not suitable for the Confederation. His statement that the Confederacy is stronger than the Champions League shows that. The Swiss coach is not aware of many factors such as hypoxia and humidity."

"The African championship is different from the league, because the coach will be hit by random games and teams that rely on strength, fitness and passive play, so Gros should help a general coach with African expertise."

"The tie with Nasr Hussein Dae 1-1 in Egypt is equivalent to the loss, and the carelessness behind the failure to settle the game after an early goal. Zamalek players lost 4 chances in the first half.

"Playing in Africa needs to secure the result. The negative draw is better than the 1-1 draw. The idea of ​​the foot is now more paper and pen than technical abilities on the pitch."

"The Zamalek administration did everything, and Gros built a good team, but we have to take into consideration the factor of expertise in African tournaments," said Farouk Jafar.

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