Zamalek coach Christian Gross said his team did not take advantage of the opportunities they had at Nasr Hussain Day and praised the Algerian goalkeeper.

Zamalek midfielder Nasr Hussein Daye scored a positive 1-0 win over Bundesliga side Borg Al Arab on Wednesday.

"I always tell the players that we have to score two goals to win and score points," Gross said at the press conference that followed.

"But we did not take advantage of the opportunities we created, especially in the second half, and I have to pay tribute to their guard.

"We have to fight in the next games and win to ensure that we qualify for the quarterfinals," he said.

"It was a bad time to get a goal in the last minute and it was hard to compensate and we had a difficult time because of the great number of games but we are working to get through them very well."

Zamalek won their first place in the tournament, finishing fourth in the group.

Hussein Dai scored four points to lead the group.

Petro Atletico are second with three points, followed by Gore Mahia of Kenya.

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