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Maiz Ben Sherifia was in his best days. Esperance won the African Champions League final for the second consecutive year at Mazembe's expense, to face Wydad in the final.

Esperance qualified for the African Champions League final for the second year in a row, after beating Mazembe with a goal against nothing in both matches.

Espérance tied Mazembe without a goal in the second leg at Lubumbashi, qualifying for a goal in the first leg.

Description of the game

Mazembe tried to start the match very strongly, but Espérance led the attacks and was the most dangerous at times in the first half.

A very strong shot by Ayman bin Mohammed in the 28th minute, which was addressed by Sylvain Gupta and turned into a corner.

And a free-kick by Youssef Al-Balaili in the 31st minute but just behind the goal.

Mazembe's response was in the 34th minute after an incursion by Micha Mika inside the penalty area, but continued in the dribbles without a cross or a shot to break the ball.

Then again, Misak Elia reached Espérance's goal by breaking from the left, then a strong cross against the goal, but Moez Ben Sherifia got on twice.

Elia also fired a cunning ball in the 44th minute, but Ben Sherifia continued to shine and turn it into a corner.

Second half

Mazembe began the second half of the second half with an effort to score an early goal that puts the guests under pressure.

Congolese flood

Renford Kalapa called for a penalty in the 48th minute, but Victor Gomez ruled the match with a resumption of play.

Mazembe's first switch from Kazimbe Mahayo was the coach in the 51st minute between Malangu instead of Tresor Mutu.

Mazembe did not protest for a long time to keep on the raft. Calaba rolled in the 54th minute on the left and sent a very dangerous cross, but passed in front of a six-yard lead to lose the most dangerous chances of the hosts.

The substitute Malango scored a great goal in the 57th minute. The cross received within the penalty area and back to the goal, but he shot half the back half, and the most Ben Sherifia with his fingertips to the corner with difficulty.

Mo'in Al-Shaabani made his first substitutions in the 66th minute when Mohammed Ali Al-Yaqoubi entered instead of Taha Yassin Al-Khanisi.

Moez Ben Sherifia continued to play the match. Corner in the 67th minute Kalaba met with a touch towards the goal, but Ben Sherifia shine and addressed.

And a new header from Ben Malango in the 74th minute, but it was easy to reach Ben Sherifia this time.

The second switch for the Tigers came in the 77th minute when Junior entered Lokoza instead of Anis Al Badri.

Mazembe tried to attack more, and Gloudi took the lead instead of Calaba in the 81st minute, and Esperance came in with Haitham Al-Juwaini instead of Youssef Al-Balaili.

The most dangerous balls were in the 86th minute. A new cross for Maizimbi was met by Mika with a header that passed just past the post.

Esperance's misfortune continued even in lost time. Header from Malango from inside the six yards in the 93rd minute, but hit the top bar and refused to keep the net.

Shiko Oshindi struck in the 94th minute, but Ben Sherifia flipped back and turned it into a corner, ending the match with a draw and Esperance tied to the final.

Esperance qualified to play Morocco's Wydad Casablanca in the final and will be the first leg in Morocco on May 24, while the return leg will be held on May 31 in Rades.

The final will be Arab for the third consecutive year after Al Ahly's final with Wydad in 2017, Al Ahli with Esperance in 2018, and then between Esperance and Al-Wadad this year, which is also the Arab final for the 14th time out of 54 copies of the tournament.

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