FilGoal | News Mohammed Mahmoud among 8 names suffering from the Crusader in Ahli


Al-Ahly are suffering from cruciate ligament injuries in various games, and Mohamed Mahmoud is now the eighth case a few days after recovering from the first injury.

Mohamed Mahmoud was injured in the cruciate ligament last January and continued his treatment and rehabilitation 9 months until he became fit to participate again.

A few days later, before playing any official match with the team, Mohamed Mahmoud was again injured in the cruciate ligament during training, but on the other foot.

The cruciate ligament injury hit a number of Al-Ahly players at the moment in various stages of the team in football besides volleyball and hand sports.

Reviews for you Al-Sulaibi's injuries suffered by Al-Ahli at the moment along with Mohammed Mahmoud:

– Dia Wahid Left back Zaher, born in 2000, suffered a second cut in the cruciate ligament.

Diyaa is the youngest brother of Mahmoud Wahid Zaheer, the leftist first team in Ahli.

– Ahmed Ashraf The 2001 captain has a cruciate ligament from last season and continues to qualify before returning.

Ashraf plays in the center of the attacking center in Al Ahli.

– Samir Mohammed The 2003 striker suffered a cruciate ligament injury several weeks ago.

– Mohammed Khalil A midfielder for the 2000 team, he plays in the wing position and has been injured twice in the Crusade last season.

Facebook Facebook logo Hussein Lotfi The 2000 defender also suffered a cruciate ligament injury twice, most recently at the end of last season.

Facebook Facebook logo Ahmed Kotb Al-Ahly volleyball team player continues treatment and rehabilitation of cruciate ligament injury before returning to participate gradually.

– Yara Shehata Al-Ahly Women's Handball player after suffering a cruciate ligament injury last season.

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