FilGoal | News Nader Shawki in the Joule: Suspected in the injury of Mohamed Mahmoud Balibi .. And a step to confirm Germany


Nader Shawki, agent of Ahli midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud, revealed that doctors at the hospital where the latter performed a scan suspected him of cutting in the cruciate ligament.

Mohammed Mahmoud left Maran Al-Ahli, who was held on Wednesday injured and had to undergo radiation on his knee.

"Mohamed Mahmoud called me and told me that doctors diagnosed him with a cut in the cruciate ligament," Nader Shawki told

"The right knee injury, not the other foot, suffered the same injury."

Nader Shawki revealed another step to confirm the diagnosis of doctors.

"We immediately sent the rays to doctors in Germany and we are waiting for them to respond and to be sure of the diagnosis."

"After seeing the rays, their results are moving towards suspicion of cutting in the cruciate ligament," Syed Abdul Hafeez told

"We will show the radiation to Doctor Ahmed Abdel Aziz on Thursday."

Ahli signed Mohamed Mahmoud in January from the Tigris Valley before suffering a cut in the cruciate ligament and just returned to participate in group training.

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