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Moroccan Hamid Ahadad, the Moroccan Raja player on loan from Zamalek, posted a message on his “Instagram” account before the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

The Moroccan striker’s message came:

“A message of love and appreciation to all components of Al-Rajaa sports team. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and continued to encourage and acknowledge my efforts within this great team, in which I am proud of the experience I spent inside it with its loyal fans that will not separate my sentiments.”

“The masses for whom we are fighting in the field and we are determined to win titles and championships. I am also proud of the period I lived with my comrades and brothers players, and I thank them for their good treatment, and I wish them all success in the next stations.”

“I am also proud of the technical staff of the team, including coach and assistants, and I thank them for all their valuable instructions that have benefited a lot. I salute the administrative and medical staff and the rest of the team’s staff for their sacrifices for the sake of the team’s players.”

“I take the opportunity to thank the managing office of Raja Sports Club and all those involved, thank you all.”

Haddad became one of the main elements of coach Jamal Salami’s squad this season, prompting the latter to stick to his services and ask for his continuation with the team after the end of the loan period.

Earlier, Amir Mortada called on Raja club to respect the clause not to participate in loaned player Hamid Haddad in the two teams’ expected match in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-final on Sunday.

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Amir Mortada said in a video statement after his arrival in Morocco, accompanied by the team’s delegation: “Zamalek put this clause in a mourning contract in order to respect it and not break it.”

“We do not allow any negotiations regarding this clause of the contract, and the please team should respect that,” he said.

He added, “I know that Raja needs the player’s services, but it must be taken into account that Haddad will return to Zamalek one day, so that no one will play against Zamalek, knowing that he will return to the team.”

Haddad won the Moroccan League with Raja and participated with Moroccan Raja in 30 matches, scoring 9 goals and setting one goal.

The Moroccan played 23 matches with Zamalek, won the African Confederation Cup, and scored one goal.



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