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FilGoal | News Urban: Fadl keen to clarify the crisis of non-presence of the lot of African nations ended

Essam al-Hadari, the star-keeper, said he closed the crisis of his absence from the African Cup of Nations on Friday after a personal meeting with tournament director Mohamed Fadl.

The draw has witnessed the presence of the most prominent Egyptian football stars throughout history, especially the golden generation that achieved the successive trimester of Africa, 2006, 2008, 2010.

"The presence of my dear friend Mohammed Fadl today and his keenness to clarify everything about the lottery has been considered very big for me," Al-Hadari said in a tweet that he wrote on his Twitter account.

"Thank you, Fadel, and I thank the spiritual father, Hani Abu Reda, president of the Football Federation, and the dear friend Ahmed Mujahid, member of the board of directors of Jabalia."

"This meeting closed the matter, and we all support the Egyptian team and God willing the title will be Egyptian."

Mohamed Fadl, the director of the 2019 African Nations Cup, stressed that Issam Al-Hadari and Hussam Hassan were not discarded last Friday.

"Do you think that Al-Hadari's long history will not call him impossible," said Fadl via the radio program "Playground 9090": Ahmed Ezzeddin, a member of the organizing committee, continued with him and the time was very narrow.

"I spoke to Al-Urban yesterday and apologized to him," he continued.

He concluded his remarks: "As for Hossam Hassan, his phone was constantly closed, so I continued with Hassan Mustafa and Walid Badr in order to hand over the invitation, but no one answered us."


Al-Hadari, Egypt's international goalkeeper, has made it clear that he has not received any invitation to attend the 2019 African Nations Draw.

The draw for the 2019 African Nations Cup was held Friday evening at the foot of the pyramids. (See all 2019 African Nations groups)

"I have not been invited to attend the draw of the nations of Africa," El Hadary told FilGoal.com.

"Some say that I was invited and I apologize for not coming, but that is not true at all," he said.

"I also saw some talk about not inviting me because I have not retired yet, but the concert saw a large group of current players present naturally."

Al-Hadari played 161 matches in Egypt's national team. He was beaten 137 times in all the games he played with the Pharaohs, whether they were calculated internationally or not.

After a long successful career in the goal to be one of the continent's greatest goalkeepers through history, Al-Hadari decided to retire internationally in August last year after reaching the age of 45.

Essam al-Hadari had a dream of playing for Egypt in the World Cup finals, becoming the largest in the history of the World Cup. Al-Hadari retired after winning four African Nations Cups and participated in the Confederations Cup.

Egypt were in Group A with Congo, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Egypt will start their campaign against Zimbabwe at the opening of the African Nations Cup on June 21.


Egypt will then play against the DRC in the second round and end their campaign against Uganda.

The African Nations Championship starts on June 21 and ends on July 19.

The tournament takes place with the participation of 24 teams in six groups for the first time in the history of the African competition.

It was the fifth time that Egypt organized the African Nations Cup. The 1959 edition was organized under the name of the United Arab Republic and won the title that year. It also organized the 1974 edition. Zaire won the title, the 1986 edition and Egypt won the title.

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