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Incident, you might see it for the first time in your life. Her hero almost escaped punishment because the referee did not notice him, but under the VAR era Michael Ebroen could not save himself.

A spontaneous touch, meant only to quickly bring the ball back to the pitch, cost his team a penalty, and fortunately, his club Holstein Kiel won the match 2-1 at Bochum in the Bundesliga on Saturday.

A shot missed his way towards the goal, Eberwin was warming off the pitch, touching the ball before crossing the line of the entire perimeter, VAR alerted the referee, what was the judge of the stadium only awarded a penalty for Bochum.

In football law, the referee is entitled to a free kick or penalty if a substitute player interferes in any way in the match.

So it was a right decision from the referee to make the game's commentator appreciate: “Let's dust the law of the game, this is the punishment. Again in German football. "

At the post-match news conference, Holstein's coach Ole Werner was only able to comment with a smile: "Now we can laugh at it."

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