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FilGoal | News Zamalek against the rise of the volcano .. to break the series of Egyptian failures with the continental finals

A cross from Waleed Sulaiman, and a header from Meteb who live in the net and Qa'atel's goal for Al Ahli. Al Ahly is a champion of the Confederation as the first Egyptian team to crown the championship.

A goal in the 95th minute crowned the national champion of the Confederation, but it was the last. The last tournament for the representatives of Egypt clubs and teams, and since then began a series of cursed with the loss of the finals, Zamalek will be the Egyptian warrior to end in front of the Renaissance volcano.

Zamalek vs. Nahdet Berkane. A match in Morocco begins with the first leg, with a decisive ending in Alexandria at the Borg El Arab stadium. A disappointing series of 5 finals lost by the Egyptian teams since 2014 is being played with you, hoping that Zamalek will finish that.

Super Cup of Africa

The start was in February 2015, when Ahli enters the meeting as a champion of the Confederation, and meets ES Setif of the African Champions League.

Ahli missed the goal, but Emad tired again realized the draw for the red in time lost, but the penalty shootout settled for the benefit of ES Setif at the time, to go the title for the Algerian team.

African Champions League

After the Super Cup in 2015 was the second final of Egypt in 2016, this time to Zamalek, who reached the final of the African Champions League for the first time since 2002 and the opponent is the South African Mamelodi Sundowns.

And the wind came in what the souls did not desire. Zamalek lost 3-0 in South Africa, making it difficult to win in Egypt.

Although Zamalek beat Borg Al Arab for Stanley, it was not enough to win the title and the South African title.

Egypt have reached the final of the next version again, but by Ahli this time who faced Wydad Casablanca in the 2016 version.

After the first leg in Borg El Arab ended in a draw for each team, the Egyptian player had to win in Morocco.

Because the victory over Wydad in Morocco is not easy, Walid Al-Karti decided to meet Wydad and Egypt lose the second final of the African Champions League respectively.

Once again, Al Ahli reached the final of the African Champions League in 2017, to be the second final of the Red Team respectively in the tournament, and the third for Egypt, respectively.

After a good win against Esperance at Borg Al Arab three goals against a goal, everyone thought it was resolved and broke the Egyptian knot with the finals, but had another opinion.

Esperance won a three-point clean, losing Al-Ahli title again, and to lose Egypt's fifth final in a row – the final calculation of the 2017 African Nations Cup.

African Nations Cup

Among the four finals lost by Egypt since 2014, there was a fifth final for Egypt this time and not for one club.

Egypt won the African Cup of Nations 2017 in Gabon, and the opponent is Cameroon, which has long been the heel of the Pharaohs.

But the curse of the finals hit the teams just like the clubs. Egypt lost 2-1 after progress, it was the second time in the history of Egypt that lost the African Nations Cup final since losing the 1962 final against Ethiopia.

Now forget all the above, and open a new page in which the representative of Egypt is the white knight.

Zamalek face Nahdet Berkane First in Morocco to get a result appointed before the return, and then wait for the decision next week at the Burj Al Arab, and to prepare the African titles back to Egypt ahead of the Nations of Africa 2019, hosted by the land of the Kenana next month.

Does Winch start despite injury? Choose the perfect Zamalek formation in front of Nahdet Berkane from here.

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In the confederation
          Renaissance volcano

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