Filippo Magnini, doping case. Four years of disqualification


Pesaro, 6 November 2018 – Four years of disqualification for doping charged to Filippo Magnini. Thus decided the Rome Anti-Doping Court for the Pesaro swimmer. Recognized the accusation of use and attempted use of doping substances, the other charges of aiding and administering or attempted administration of substances have fallen. The sports prosecutor had requested 8 years of disqualification.

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"I'm sorry and also angry, but I expected it. I know the sentence was written before October 15th, before I came here to speak. Why? I do not know, we're asking with lawyers, we're thinking about who I could have stomped. I have not done anything, this sentence is ridiculous"These are the words of Magnini.

King Magno and his lawyers are ready to fight the second round. "We will appeal – announced yesterday Francesco Compagna, one of the defenders of the Pesaro swimmer – and if it were to serve, we will get to the Tas". Until the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, the third degree of sporting judgment.

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The judicial troubles for Magnini began with the doping investigation by the Pesaro prosecutor on his former nutritionist, the Pesaro doctor Guido Porcellini, and the friend and collaborator of the latter, Antonio Maria De Grandis. Porcellini and De Grandis ended up in the sights of the Nas for an alleged trafficking of doping substances imported from abroad, and in particular from China. Substances which, according to the documents of the Public Prosecutor's Office, were intended for various sportsmen.


Including also world champions like Magnini. The Pesaro prosecutors had immediately specified and reiterated, with an official statement, that Magnini was only a recipient, but that it has never been proven that he had taken doping substances. However, the Procura's actions had been transmitted to the investigators of sporting justice. And on the basis of those, the prosecutors of Nado had thought that there was enough material to impose doping charges, Magnini, but also his national team colleague, Michele Santucci, as well as Porcellini, De Grandis and also the Perugino physiotherapist, Farnetani.

Even Santucci was today condemned by the sports justice to four years of disqualification, as Magnini was found guilty of having violated Article 2.2 of the Code ofWorld Anti-Doping Agency (Use or attempted use of doping substances).


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