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Film festival returns to Tulum, more diverse and inclusive

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After canceling last year’s edition due to the pandemic, the Tulum International Film Festival with a schedule that will highlight topics such as gender equity, environment, inclusion and diversity, through a program of 21 titles.

This year, fiction will accommodate the participation of indigenous communities in the region, the festival joined efforts with Toto Mobile Cinema, a Mexican film promotion company that will perform outdoor screenings of four films that will be dubbed into Mayan.

“The idea is to reach the communities with a defined list for the public to choose the film they want to see, it is an open and collaborative programming, with family stories that have a connection with the communities,” he said. Cloë Roddick, programmer of FICTU.

“We are talking about a Mayan dubbing that will exist for the public on a separate channel; that is, the movie can be seen in its original language, but also dubbed into maya“He added about the tapes that will reach Chanchén, San Juan de Dios, Hondzonot and Francisco Uh May.

Due to the current conditions against covid-19, the festival opted for a hybrid version in which face-to-face activities will be prioritized, but there will be distance master classes with the filmmakers Sergei Loznitsa, Alice Rohrwacher and Kleber Mendonça Filho.

“We made the decision a long time ago to hold the festival in this format and there was a contraction in the festival to adapt. Sergei will join at a distance, because it was the best way to have him present in Tulum ”, he explained Paula Charand, Director of the FICTU.

Part of the festival protocol will include the application of rapid tests to detect covid-19, “we will request that before entering a space of the festival the rapid tests are carried out and the same will be done before returning home, if they wish” Chaurand explained.

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“We have determined to apply the protocol recommended by the authorities, taking care of the number of people in the rooms and outdoor audiences, strict use of masks, we are avoiding evening gatherings, parties and events that gather people”He added.

The programming is divided into four sections: Sidereal, Hemisphere, Pulsar and Horizonte México, with a total of 21 films, among which are: “From the wild sea”, “200 meters”, “Bring your own brigade”, “Cowboy”, Kuxlejal Y “The flowers of the night”.

As part of the festival selection, a special performance of “Tragic jungle”, the movie of Yulene Olaizola that it was filmed in the state and premiered in Venice; as well as a selection of animated shorts and others made in Quintana Roo.

The second edition of fiction will be held from August 4-8 with main venues in Tulum and outdoor spaces. The opening tape will be “Wild indian”, from Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. While “Zola”, from Janicza Bravo was chosen for the closing event.


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