[Film Review]Top Gun: The Lone Ranger is a long time away from the super-masculine and hot-blooded “Guy” drama IMAX version must watch- Hong Kong

I still remember that in 1986, there was a set of Hollywood movies that attracted the attention of many people: real planes, super blood, brotherhood and a little bit of love, and it is still a classic today, decades later. The classic masterpiece that the author refers to is “Top Gun”. After 36 years, this hot-blooded “Guo” film finally launched the sequel “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger”. The former Tang Gulusi has become today’s Tang Gulusi. Last night, the author was fortunate to be invited by the film company. After enjoying the priority scene in Hong Kong, let the author share some key points of watching this film. (I try to promise not to spoil anything…)

Thousands of prayers! Thousands of prayers! Thousands of prayers!Don’t be late

First and foremost, everyone should pay attention, that is, don’t be late for admission! Please don’t be late for admission! Please don’t be late for admission! (I will tell you the important information three times), especially the supporters who watched the first episode of “Top Gun” 36 years ago, because the opening scene and the familiar theme music will rekindle everyone’s expectations for 36 years. Emotions, this kind of “hairy” feeling will definitely help everyone get into the drama quickly. Of course, I want to mention again to everyone (especially those who haven’t been in the theater for a long time because of the epidemic), be sure to turn your mobile phone to silent mode (preferably turn it off) before the show starts, and it’s best to watch the movie quietly, because such a masterpiece, You don’t want to be harassed by others, do you? Do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself.

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It is not necessary to revisit the old works before 36

In addition, the classic masterpiece “Top Gun” is a movie from 36 years ago after all. I believe everyone will ask: Do I need to “warm the book” before watching the sequel “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger”? The author personally thinks that it is not necessary. After all, in this sequel, the director skillfully replays some clips from the first episode through the memories of some protagonists and other characters, so as to awaken everyone’s 36-year-old memories, so even if it is not warm Books, or 36 years ago, if you were not born, it will not hinder the understanding of the plot of this sequel, so you don’t have to worry. But of course, if you have time to revisit it, for each character, especially the characters that have appeared in the first episode, such as: the protagonist Maverick, the main character “Iceman” in the first episode, etc. The mental journey, and the current episode of Maverick There will be a deeper understanding of the conflict with Rooster, the son of Goose’s son Rooster in the first episode of “Best Buddy” and co-op partner.

Many pay tribute to the old work 36 years ago

“Top Gun” directed by the famous director Tony Scott 36 years ago is certainly a classic among the classics. The sequel “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger” 36 years later also has many places in the movie that pay tribute to the first episode. , in addition to the above mentioned: the theme music that sounded again and the opening scene, the character dialogues, memories in the film, even the songs sung, the things they did, and even the angle of the camera, and even the appearance of the final “fighter”. Do your best to “pay tribute”, and even Tom Cruise’s famous phrase “I feel the need – the need for speed” appears again! In addition, the progression of the plot of this episode also adopts the very popular in the 1980s, the direct-speaking, from beginning to end chronological mode, rather than the flashback or interlude form that is very popular in recent years and sees the audience’s “big head”, so watch it. It feels very comfortable.

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IMAX version must see!

The old work from 36 years ago mainly featured all-real battles, all-real fighters, and all-real shooting. In addition, the fighter battles were matched with different shots such as the first body, the third body, and outside the aircraft, which attracted many male audiences. It was amazing to see. The sequel after a lapse of 36 years still uses the same shooting method. What is even more rare is that the protagonist who has become Tang Gao “Lao” is still in real battle with other pilots (really filmed on a fighter plane! Non-CG) !), which is really rare. With the advancement of technology, in order to further let the audience feel the shocking and magnificent scene of fighter battles, the director used an IMAX-certified Sony Venice 6K Full Screen camcorder, so the entire film uses IMAX camcorders For the shooting, the author enjoyed the IMAX version last night. The air battle scene, combined with the effect of the IMAX camcorder, really made the audience feel like they were in it. Therefore, although there are regular, 4DX, D-Box and IMAX versions of the movie this time, I feel that no matter what, everyone should watch the IMAX version of “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger” once before we can say that we have seen it. this movie.

Conclusion: The outcome was expected but did not impair satisfaction

In terms of the final plot, the author can’t say too much. I suggest everyone to enter the venue and enjoy it by themselves. The only thing the author can say is that the ending is not a big surprise or an “unestimated” place, but for the audience, There is no loss of satisfaction after appreciating it, especially for those who have already enjoyed the first episode 36 years ago, after watching this episode, there will be a sense of satisfaction that is truly ending, a complete ending, and even some scenes are even more tearful. Of course, after watching it, I have the same feeling with many connoisseurs or friends around me: I haven’t watched a set for too long, from the beginning to the end, which can make the audience breathe, breathe, and even laugh together. Many people say that “a generation is not as good as a generation”, but “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger” does not have this problem, and even after watching it, the aura of the entire series is further “sublimated”. When it comes to the most recent movies worth watching in theaters, “Top Gun: The Lone Ranger” is definitely the best choice.

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▲ In the first episode, Penny, who was “only heard of the name but not the person”, finally took the lead in this episode, and there were many rival scenes with Tang Lao in the play! (Unfortunately, the heroine of the first episode has disappeared…)

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