Film screening film//crack

film//riss shows the big-hearted, tragic and at the same time hopeful film “The boy has to get some fresh air” on the grounds of the mother-child sanatorium “Klinik Sonnenbichl”.

Content: One day he will be a great entertainer, Grandma Änne already knew that back then. And we know it today too, because the boy Hans-Peter is Hape Kerkeling. He jokes and imitates what the adults say and do. Everyone laughs at it. But the one he’s most desperate to reach, the one he wants to laugh the most, is less and less responsive. his mom.

Great comedy arises from great tragedy and the answer is obvious, from which Hape Kerkeling models his warm-hearted humor. But the film would be nothing without its great young leading actor Julius Weckauf. What this nine-year-old Kerkeling shows here is great acting.

Film start: from around 9 p.m., when it gets dark // FSK 6

Bring along: seating. Weather information from 7 p.m. on 01520-7061863