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Swiss Open main match started shooting yesterday

2023-03-23 10:38:14

Source: Tribune

Reporter Lu Yingjian

Yesterday, the 2023 Super300 Swiss Badminton Open officially started. Due to the schedule and other reasons, many players who performed well in the All England Championship, including Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, Chen Yufei, Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang and other main players, will be absent from this Swiss Open.

In this competition, only two doubles players Wang Chang and Zhou Haodong signed up for Zhejiang Yu. But before the match, the No. 4 seed “Liang Wang” combination Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang announced their withdrawal. Zhou Haodong became the only player in Zhejiang Yu. He and his partner He Jiting faced the German combination Ramsfuss/Seidel in the first round. Will face the winner between the Popov Brothers of France and Ryan/Wendy of England. In men’s doubles, Malaysia’s Xie Dingfeng/Su Weiyi and India’s Ranji Reddy/Shetty are the top two seeds. Guoyu Ren Xiangyu/Tan Qiang are in the 1/4 area. They will face the qualifiers in the first round, and may challenge the Chinese Taipei team Lu Jingyao/Yang Bohan in the second round.

In the women’s singles field, apart from Chen Yufei, Akane Yamaguchi, An Seying, and Dai Ziying also did not register, and all the top four players of the All England Open were absent. The top seed is Wang Zhiyi, the national feather player, the second seed is Spanish star Marin, and the defending champion Sindhu is the fourth seed. Other Guoyu players including Zhang Yiman and Han Yue will play.

In terms of men’s singles, there are 5 players from Guoyu. Shi Yuqi is in the 1/4 zone. In the first round, he will face the No. 5 seed Indian star Prannoy. In addition, the top seed Axelsen, the Danish star Antonsen, and Lin Junyi, who has performed well recently. In zone 1/4. Lu Guangzu is in the 2nd/4th district, and he will face Malaysian star Liu Guolun in the first round. Weng Hongyang is in the 3/4 zone. In the first round, he will face the famous Indian player Srikanth. The No. 4 seed Kunlavut is also in the 3/4 zone. Both Li Shifeng and Zhao Junpeng are in the 4/4 zone. Among them, Li Shifeng played against the famous Malaysian player Li Zijia in the first round. In the previous All England Championship, Li Shifeng won the men’s singles championship all the way. He is in very good condition. The Swiss Open will point the sword second crown.

In addition, in the women’s doubles, the world’s No. 1 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan had a truce, so Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu became the top seeds and directly entered the quarter-finals. In the first round, they will face Chinese Taipei’s Xu Yaqing/Lin Wanqing, Li Wenmei/Liu Xuanxuan In the 4/4 zone, against Maria/Zarka in the first round, Li Yijing/Luo Xumin started from the qualifying round. In mixed doubles, the world’s No. 1 “IELTS” truce, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping withdrew, Ruichang Masters champions Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin played, and a pair of national feather mixed doubles He Jiting/Du Yue started from the qualifying round. Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin are the only second-tier players who still have a chance to participate in the Paris Olympics. Therefore, the Swiss Open will be a valuable opportunity for them.

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