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It was to be expected: with the recommendation or the obligation to work remotely and the impossibility of meeting with anyone other than yourself, for leisure or work, outside the home, many shootings are in progress postponement or shutdown until further notice. For example the one, dantesque, of suites ofAvatar which took place under the direction of James Cameron in New Zealand; or that of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the next episode of the Marvel / Disney multi saga; or the musical Cinderella by Kay Cannon and James Corden, being filmed in the UK with pop starlet Camila Cabello or Missy Elliott. Even more impressive, the India Motion Picture Producers’ Association announced Monday the suspension until at least March 31 of all filming on Indian territory, freezing production in all the strategic places of the country, from Bollywood (Mumbai) to Kollywood ( Chennai).

Locking of entertainment stocks

Finally, it is the series themselves, on which many of us rely very much to survive until the end of confinement, which are stopped. That of the gargantuan Lord of the Rings $ 1 billion budget from Amazon Studios should not penalize the home delivery giant’s balance sheet, which announced on CNBC on Monday the upcoming recruitment of 10,000 people in the United States to offset the explosion in orders .

We are more worried about that adapted from Tokyo Vice by Michael Mann for HBO Max, the HBO SVOD platform, eagerly awaited by the admirers – including us – of the 77-year-old American filmmaker, in terrible need since his very underestimated Hacker of 2015, as much as readers of journalist Jake Adelstein’s book, documented first-hand into the underworld of the Japanese press and yakuza. What does not fail to confront us with a dizziness: what would we look at in case the health crisis keeps us locked up until the stocks of first-rate entertainment are locked? And what will the coming season look like if the machine is slow to start?

Gigabytes of amateur fiction

A precedent exists: when the strike of American screenwriters in 2007-2008 cut a number of series then in the process of being broadcast (Dr. House, Lost…) very many episodes and ultimately resulted in largely shortened seasons. In the case of a nuclear cultural disaster, we consider with a shudder that we can make up for it by exploring the gigabytes of amateur fiction located in the extended universes of Star Wars or More beautiful life who are undoubtedly turning to it right now in hermetically preserved maids’ rooms all over the world, from Moscow to Palavas-les-Flots.

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