Model Kendall Jenner feels "raped and angry" after several photos where she poses naked were filtered on the internet.
Although clan member Kardashian Jenner is no stranger to this type of poses, it was the fact that the photographs of her project were leaked ahead of time which annoyed the mannequin.
"She worked hard on the photos with the photographer and took a lot of courage to pose nude, so she is furious that the images have been stolen or leaked without permission," said a source quoted by the Hollywood Life portal.
The photo session was done by photographer Russell James for the book of this: "Angels 2018 Collector's Edition",
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In addition to seeing her project damaged, Kendall has had to suffer from criticism of her physical appearance, such as that she looked too thin or because of her small breasts.
"The pictures of Kendall Jenner naked make me sick, haha, it's all thanks to Noelia using Kendall and not mms, it's like watching a lizard crawling on the beach and getting on a horse, wey, eradicate that from the internet." wrote the user @sxxmeless
"I read a lot of p **** yesterday delighted with pictures of a skin called Kendall Jenner, I have to tell you that I have friends with more body than that p **** ja and better face, even my uncle has more tits That surfboard, Cordura, p **** jos. " User @el_viejopaulino said
In the controversial photos Kendalla appears running on a beach or riding a horse, all this while she is totally undressed.


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