Filtered video of Cristiano Ronaldo furious: We play shit

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The front Cristiano Ronaldo broke the transfer market in the summer – once again – after completing his transfer to Manchester United from Juventus of Italy, a team where he left large numbers but could not crown with his favorite competition: La Champions League.

In fact, in the last edition of the Champions League, Vecchia Signora was immediately eliminated in the round of 16 at the hands of Porto, a duel that ended 3-2 on aggregate in favor of the Portuguese, situation that angered Cristiano Ronaldo and it was recorded in a video of the locker room, which was filtered and shows the anger of the former Real Madrid against his teammates.

We play shit

In the iimages leaked on the internet, the Portuguese star is observed entering the dressing rooms, reproaching the attitude of the team and his before the elimination.

“You have to try more, huh. What the fuck, we don’t play anything, nothing, nothing ”, Cristiano entered the locker room as he threw his jersey to the floor.

The Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado tried to calm him down telling him that he is an example within the team, so he had to change his attitude.

Far from calming him down, Cristiano was even more enraged: “We always play shit. Me too, I include myself too eh, but we don’t play anything, we have to tell the truth. This game is for the Champions League, you have to have personality“, scream Ronaldo.

That was his last game of Champions League with Juventus, a team to which he left 101 goals and now plays the group stage with the Manchester United, a team that has already secured a place in the round of 16 by placing leaders in the F sector with 10 points.

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