Final 8 – PSG against Atalanta, the complete draw

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The capital club is doing well and will face Atalanta in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

The draw for the Final 8 took place this Friday noon at UEFA headquarters in Switzerland. The final phase of the Champions League will be held in Lisbon in August in a new form, namely the quarterfinals and semi-finals dry, as well as a final on a single run. UEFA thus proceeded to draw lots for the rest of the competition, while four round of 16 knockout stages remain to be played in early August.

Paris Saint-Germain was relatively spared by pulling the Atalant. Suprising, the Italian club plays a flamboyant game this season, but is the least experienced team, with Leipzig, at this stage of the competition. Be careful, however, not to underestimate Atalanta, which in the past has already played a nasty trick at Olympique Lyonnais in the Europa League. In the event of a qualification against Juventus, OL will face the winner of Real Madrid – Manchester City. Suffice to say that Cristiano Ronaldo could, if the planets are aligned, could find Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the competition.

In other matches, Barça could find Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. A big shock in perspective. If Barça does not currently appear at the peak of its form, Bayern made a very big impression with its end of the Bundesliga season. Finally, the last quarterfinal pits Atletico Madrid, executioner of Liverpool, reigning European champion, against RB Leipzig, starting at this stage of the competition.

The draw for the quarter-finals:

– Manchester City or Real Madrid vs Olympique Lyonnais or Juventus

– RB Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid

– Naples or FC Barcelone vs Chelsea or Bayern Munich

– Atalanta vs PSG

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For the rest of the competition, Paris Saint-Germain, in the event of a victory against Atalanta, would face the winner of Leipzig-Atletico Madrid. If nothing is won for the defending champion of France, all the more since it is the only team, with OL, whose championship has not resumed being still in the running, Paris Saint- Germain can consider himself happy with this draw, avoiding almost all scarecrows until the final.

The semi-finals draw

– RB Leipzig or Atletico Madrid vs Atalanta or PSG

– Manchester City or Real Madrid or Olympique Lyonnais or Juventus vs Naples or FC Barcelona or Chelsea or Bayern Munich



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