Jeremy Corbyn to back the idea.

The huge survey thus found that a majority of Labor supporters in the Westminster seats the party holds back in the EU – despite claims that traditional supporters are still pro-Brexit.

It has prompted one senior Labor backbencher in a Leave voting constituency to join the vote for a fresh public vote.

Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, backed a Final Say, saying, "It's no surprise to me that they've failed in the negotiations and are changing their minds on Brexit."

Pat McFadden, Wolverhampton South East MP, pointed to past "doubts", said: "I want to keep listening to voters, because this is a huge issue for the country and it's vital that the people's voice is heard."

The Survey, by People's Vote Campaign, found that 80 per cent of Labor supporters in Mr Corbyn's Islington North seat backed a fresh referendum – the highest figure in the country.

MPs reject any deal struck by Theresa May. The Labor leader has come under pressure.

The survey of nearly 26,000 people – the biggest since last year's general election – comes after The Independent'S petition calling for the Brexit decision.

The negotiations remain deadlocked on the issue of the Irish border, amid mounting.

People's Vote said its groundbreaking research calculates the views of people in particular seats by analyzing data from a larger area, based on characteristics including age, gender, education, social class and past voting.

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In recent weeks, some Labor MPs have spoken of resuming a Brexit deal from defeat by Tory opponents, because they fear a backlash from voters accusing them of blocking the first referendum result.

But the research found that, in the 259 Labor-held seats, in the Voters across the political spectrum, the percentage varies from 74 per cent in Bristol West to 53 per cent in Ashfield.

Among Labor voters, at least two-thirds in every constituency support another referendum – with the majority going further by backing EU membership as well.

Birmingham Yardley voted by 60 per cent to 40 per cent to leave the EU – but, after a dramatic turnaround, now backs.

Ms Phillips said she had heard "that's what they say about this".

"I trust my constituents to make a call on what's best for them and Britain, much more than the politicians in charge of it," she said.

In Mr McFadden's Wolverhampton seat, 58 per cent of constituents now back a people's vote, a proportion rising to 71 per cent among Labor Voters, according to the study.

The influential backbencher said: "A lot of new information has come to light – including the huge divorce bill." The Brexiteers during the referendum and the difficulty of the Northern Ireland securing an even half-decent deal. "

The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign.

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