Final sentence for extortion aggravated by the Mafia method, Miccoli will have to go to prison

PALERMO / LECCE – The Supreme Court rejects the appeal, the sentence becomes definitive and for Fabrizio Miccoli – former captain of Palermo and Lecce – the prison doors open, where he will have to serve a three and a half year sentence for extortion aggravated by the mafia method.

The facts, dating back to the period in which “Lu Maradona” played with the rosanero, concern an extortion commissioned to Mauro Lauricella, son of the Kalsa boss Antonino “u scintilluni”, already sentenced in turn definitively to 7 years in prison.

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Almost certainly, Miccoli, who was present in Rome for the hearing in Cassation, will ask the Supervisory Court to apply alternative measures as soon as possible, but a passage in prison is inevitable, the duration of which is impossible to hypothesize at this time.

The legal matter arose from Miccoli’s attempt to recover 12,000 euros, with violence and threats, from the former owner of the “Paparazzi” disco in Isola delle Femmine, Andrea Graffagnini. The episode dates back to more than 10 years ago and caused a sensation because Miccoli and “Scintilla” spoke in the interceptions of judge Giovanni Falcone as a “mud”. Phrases for which the former rosanero captain then apologized publicly.

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The player had been sentenced from the first degree, celebrated with the abbreviated rite. A sentence that has held up in all levels of judgment, even if Miccoli has always ruled out knowing that his friend Lauricella was related to mafia members.

For Miccoli, the prosecutor had asked for archiving twice, before the forced indictment, ordered by the then investigating magistrate Ferdinando Sestito. Now, together with the lawyers, he will have to decide where to turn himself in to start serving his sentence.

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