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Salteño musician, composer and singer César Isella, 81, with a coronary condition that his son Fernando described as “very delicate”, was released from the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires (ICBA) this afternoon.

In communication with Telam from Spain, Fernando Isella reported that the folk artist “is not going to be hospitalized despite the fact that the coronary situation that my father is going through is really fucking”.

“Being in Spain makes it difficult for me to keep track of the situation and I couldn’t speak to the cardiologist who attends him,” said Fernando, also a musician like his father.

The Salta folk artist suffers from a severe heart disease that arose from the chemotherapy he underwent in 2012 and this year he has already accumulated three hospitalizations at the ICBA.

“Mr. César Isella was admitted to this institution due to the decompensation of his basic illness and responded appropriately to the treatment implemented. Therefore, today he will be exterminated and will continue to be monitored by the outpatient area,” said the party signed by the Medical Director of the ICBA Medical Operating Committee, Alberto Alves de Lima.

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Isella joined the Los Fronterizos group and shared an impressive compositional pairing with Armando Tejada Gómez, who yesterday was in serious condition and “fighting for his life,” according to the musician’s friends.

César Isella is the author of the famous “Song with everyone” and “Song of simple things”. He was a promoter of Soledad Pastorutti when she was a child and with whom she broke up on bad terms that reached the judicial instance



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