Finally! Salary Subsidy BLT Can Be Disbursed Again : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – The government has given signal will again disburse Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) or salary subsidy BLT. Moreover, it will increase the social protection budget to Rp. 187.8 trillion.

The search for salary subsidy BLT is certainly a breath of fresh air for workers affected by the emergency PPKM. This is because many workers have been laid off due to the emergency PPKM.

Although it does not clearly explain the salary subsidy BLT budget, the plan to disburse the salary subsidy BLT is included in the Pre-Employment Card program with a note “will be synergized with the Wage Assistance plan”

The current pre-employment card allocation is recorded at IDR 20 trillion with 5.6 million participants. The pre-employment card budget will be increased by IDR 10 trillion with a target of 2.8 million participants, bringing the total to IDR 30 trillion with a target of 8.4 million participants.

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