Finally they let Barea play and scores 11 points


By The Associated Press

07/11/2019 | 07: 00 a.m.

DALLAS Luka Doncic scored 27 points and the Dallas Mavericks caused two fouls by Aaron Gordon at the last minute, to overcome 107-106 at the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.

At a time when they tried to protect their advantage from one point, the Mavericks incurred two of their 17 lost balls in consecutive possession before causing Gordon's fouls, first when he tried to go to the basket and then when he looked for a triple.

The Magic had another chance to win after Seth Curry missed two free throws seven seconds from the end. But a triple-open Nikola Vucevic bounced off the ring while the clock expired to condemn Orlando to his fourth straight loss and the tenth visit in the series against Dallas.

Doncic finished with seven rebounds and seven assists, being close to getting his third consecutive double triple, which would have been a first time for the current Rookie of the Year.

Gordon led Orlando with 23 points, but only scored two after halftime. Vucevic counted 19 units and 11 tables, while Jonathan Isaac finished with 13 goals and 10 rebounds.

The Puerto Rican J.J. Barea, a 13-year veteran, accustomed to providing energy coming from the bench by the Mavericks, debuted in the second period, scoring 11 points followed by Dallas, his only goals in the game, at a time when Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis had difficulties.

Porzingis scored 10 points, making four of 14 field shots, plus eight rebounds. Maxi Kleber contributed 14 and Dwight Powell added 12.


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