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Financial crimes: 5 years including one year of stay required against Gérard Govindamal

SAINT PIERRE. The ex-businessman is appearing today in the Saint-Pierre court for a series of financial crimes.
This Thursday afternoon, 5 years including a year of probation with probation, and obligation to compensate victims and definitive ban on managing were required against Gerard Govindamal. His continued detention was also required.
This trial promises to be the epilogue of a two-year investigation in a milieu marked by small arrangements between influential people.
One thing is certain, Gérard Govindamal will have succeeded. The ephemeral prince of the Saint-Pierroises nights, whose need to shine is almost pathological according to the experts, has already been named to the pantheon of Reunion judicial affairs.
On Thursday, the 40-year-old appears with 12 other defendants for what promises to be an extraordinary audience. This after two years of a survey with twists and turns, which ultimately resulted in the revelation of a multitude of more or less “crispy” shenanigans. Among the cases in the case that attract attention: the troubled relationship between the former boss of bars-restaurants and the football club Jeunesse Sportive Saint-Pierroise (JSSP).
This Thursday afternoon, 5 years including one year of probation with probation, and obligation to compensate the victims and definitive prohibition to manage were required against Gerard Govindamal. His continued detention was also required. The deliberation should be made in the next days.
The St. Pierroise and his former president, Joseph Amiel , risk each 10,000 euros fine of which 5000 euros suspended.
Gérard Govindamal has always been a fan of football. Former entrepreneur in import-export, he then embarks on the restoration. His beginnings in the middle are limited to snacks, he dreams bigger. He understands that football can be a springboard. In 2012-2013, the JSSP goes badly and the association is even on the verge of recovery. Gérard Govindamal becomes an indispensable sponsor and injects a lot of money without any legal framework. He paid players in hand and paid the debts of the association.
Tens of thousands of euros are engulfed, at least that investigators have been able to go back with the checks. The species do not leave a trace. Many people know that these transactions are painful because the person is using the coffers of his companies to satisfy personal interests. It’s called abuse of corporate property but all close their eyes, including the then President Joseph Amiel. Gérard Govindamal served as a money pump, a role that opened doors for him. In Saint-Pierre, it is common knowledge that the true boss of the JSSP is the mayor, Michel Fontaine. And now, at the same time, Gerard Govindamal “the benefactor” obtains obvious facilities to open new institutions. The apotheosis comes in October 2012 with the inauguration of the Blue Angel, a bar located on the waterfront and whose godfather is none other than the mayor and still senator at the time. This relationship between the two men was scrutinized during the investigation. As a reminder, during the trial of safes in September 2016 – read more – a letter denouncing payments of money in the context of the municipal campaign had even surfaced. The prosecutor then returned to the financial investigations: 18 months later, this writing is not considered conclusive …

Cars and Miss
Still, Gerard Govindamal has “invested” in Saint-Pierroise, a club dear to the eyes of the elected. And the “sponsor” saw red when he realized that he would never be president when it was “it was his dream, his goal” a witness said. Already in debt, he demanded repayment of 100,000 euros to the club. The JSSP hack to make this “consistent” in the accounts. In vain. The JSSP as its former president, Joseph Amiel, are prosecuted for concealment of misuse of corporate assets. On the other hand, the investigation did not show any direct involvement of Michel Fontaine in this case.
This is Gerard Govindamal’s other passion: the beautiful cars occupy a place of choice throughout the procedure. Ferrari, Nissan Gt-R, BMW X6, Range Rover, Mercedes SLK … The interested has chained the pleasures. The investigation has mainly demonstrated that these vehicles were acquired – when they were paid – via more than scabrous montages. Ferrari and BMW, for example, were financed by pigeons. Making them spark an association in restaurants, Gerard Govindamal cashed 105,000 euros on one side and 169,000 euros on the other. These new brands have never been created. Pursued for embezzlement, the entrepreneur evokes simple commercial disputes. Regarding the Nissan, it is a ubiquitous scam. After acquiring three vehicles for 50,000 euros with checks without funds, Gerard Govin-damal embarks on a series of resales and other exchanges to ultimately get this race car. This racing car will then be sold for 65 000 euros in cash …
As we revealed in a previous edition, this trial will also be marked by the lawsuits against Ami-da Hussein, director of Miss Réunion. Gérard Govindamal was once close to the Miss, a contest he sponsored in exchange for, among other things, the integration of his girlfriend into the jury. In addition to this, contentious transactions were discovered between him and the director of this company. She is prosecuted for concealment of abuse of corporate property.

A wall and a policeman
The rest of the facts seem less decisive in this case Govindamal. He is notably prosecuted for orchestrating the construction of a wall in misouk at a police officer in Saint-Pierre. His cousin and several entrepreneurs are also wet in this hidden work. Initially, the investigators thought that Gerard Govindamal had attempted to buy the police officer who was the head of the administrative police unit responsible for controlling bars and restaurants. This however could not be proved.

And M

Business in 5 dates

October 25, 2012: Gérard Govindamal inaugurates his Blue Angel, bar-restaurant located on the seafront. Michel Fontaine, mayor of Saint-Pierre and still senator, is the godfather. Footballers, artists, business leaders, miss … all the ghota is present at this evening. This event marks the apotheosis of Gérard Govindamal but also the beginning of his fall. From there, and while he is already in trouble, his thirst for bling-bling will lead him to multiply the mistakes.

October 13, 2015: Gérard Govindamal is arrested at the airport Rolland Garros while preparing to fly with his partner, Elodie Clain, and their son. The police departmental security are persuaded that the couple is trying to flee, which the people have always denied. Govindamal is then in the crosshairs for a whole series of cases of vaults in the South, of which he would have been the sponsor at the head of a band of “caïds”. The boss of the Blue Angel and former leader of the JSSP is under surveillance since September 2015. Defered, he is indicted for theft and aggravated.

September 23, 2016: Gerard Govindamal and a band of notorious southerners are judged for several cases of chests. During the investigation, the alleged sponsor has already obtained several significant charges. It’s the same at the helm. After six months in custody, he appears free and free from this hearing with 15 months firm. However, since February 2016, he is indicted on the financial side of the file (breach of trust, scams, abuse of corporate assets, extortion, money laundering …)

April 20, 2017: Gérard Govindamal is arrested and sent back to prison. Again convicted for old facts, including theft with sentences that could be converted, many believe it tidy while the financial investigation continues. In fact, with his companion, they would have set their sights on a couple of managers of snack on the seafront. After putting them under pressure to be recruited, Gérard Govindamal and Elodie Clain had planned to buy back the establishment in conditions disorders. Defered, Elodie Clain is also imprisoned at the beginning of May. Pregnant, she will come out a few weeks later. This part of the case will be judged today and tomorrow as well.

December 7, 2017: Today marks the epilogue of one of the most incredible affairs of the South. A total of 12 defendants are summoned to the bar in this financial aspect. Once again, Gérard Govindamal, assisted by Gangate and Omarjee, obtained several non-places during the investigation.

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