For example, finance the energetic renovation with a partial sale of the property

(djd). Saving energy when heating is not only good for the environment, but especially for your wallet in times of drastically increased energy prices. Replacing windows and heating, installing a solar thermal system or insulating the roof and facade: Depending on the measure, up to 20 percent of the heating costs can be saved. And the more measures you combine, the greater the savings potential. But that costs money, even if the modernization is funded by the state KfW. Older people in particular, who usually also live in older properties, have often paid off their mortgage for the rest of their lives and now no longer have sufficient reserves for a costly renovation.

Partial sales open up new financial opportunities for owners

The solution may be a partial sale of the property. It opens up new financial freedoms for owners – not only for home renovations – without having to leave their home or sell it completely. In the case of a partial sale, up to a maximum of 50 percent of the property is sold. The seller receives a proportion of the market value determined by an independent appraiser and a lifelong right of usufruct entered in the land register. This means that he can continue to live in the property himself, but also rent it out. The seller pays a fee to the part buyer for using the sold share. A refurbishment or modernization made possible by the partial sale represents a significant increase in the value of the property – not only because it reduces energy consumption, but also because it significantly increases the lifespan and thus the useful life of the building.

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Partial sale takes into account expected increase in value from a renovation

The provider Engel & Völkers LiquidHome, for example, promotes energy optimization of the properties – more information is available at If it is already clear when the contract is initiated that the money from the partial sale is to be used for energy-saving renovation measures, the expected increase in value of the property is taken into account in the valuation. With this model, two property values ​​are specifically determined by an expert: one before and one after the planned modernization measures. The first payment is made proportionately to the value before implementation of the measures. After the modernization, the difference between the new and old property value is paid out again proportionately.


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