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Financial investments: how to detect scams?

Forex (like "Foreign Exchange", the world currency market), binary options, fake diamonds, phony bitcoin platforms and now placements in fictional cattle herds … The scams follow each other and strangely resemble each other. Here are some tips to learn how to detect them.

Check the "whitelist" of the AMF

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is responsible for the protection of savers. This independent administrative authority sorts out the abundant supply of investments "in various types", that is to say products that promise a return without being classified in conventional financial products (PEA, life insurance, etc.). .

More specifically, the AMF draws up a "white list" of intermediaries in various goods and websites authorized to offer these investments on wine, in the forests, etc. For the time being, this list does not include any investment site for cattle herds.

And the "blacklist" of fraudulent sites

This is much longer than the list of intermediaries in various goods registered with the AMF! When savers report being scammed by a website, the public institution inscribes it on his "blacklist".

Of the 201 Internet sites declared as fraudulent, 33 concern scams to the flocks. And, a good dozen more should soon be registered. If in doubt, you can call Free Savings Information Service to inquire.

Major returns never guaranteed

In finance, we never have anything without anything. If you are offered high returns, the investment is risky. If they are supposedly both "guaranteed" and very remunerative, run away!

Meet your interlocutors

The scammers operate on the phone from abroad. So, in case of a phone call to propose a "good plan", ask to meet your interlocutors. And do not trust the addresses advertised on the websites, they are often totally crazy.

Transfers abroad = danger

"In the vast majority of scams, crooks ask victims to make significant transfers to accounts located in banks abroad," says Hélène Feron-Poloni, a lawyer specializing in the defense of savers spoiled. So, if we send you the IBAN of a society based, at random, in Cyprus, Bulgaria or even Portugal, do you say that there may be something wrong …


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