Home Business "Financial Services" topped the list of traded sectors in October

"Financial Services" topped the list of traded sectors in October

The financial services sector ranked the most traded sectors in the Egyptian Stock Exchange in terms of volume traded during last October's sessions, reaching 1641.5 million shares valued at LE 6806.7 million. The real estate sector came second with a volume of 920.5 million shares worth LE 3198.1 million.

The Telecommunications sector ranked third, with 648.1 million shares traded at EGP 1260.9 million. It was followed by Tourism & Leisure with 283 million shares traded at EGP 867.2 million, followed by Services, Industrial Products and Vehicles with a volume of 170.4 million shares valued at EGP 880.6 million.

In the sixth place was the household and personal products sector with a volume of 134.8 million executed securities valued at LE 726.9 million, followed by construction and building materials with a volume of 104 million shares worth LE 232.2 million, followed by the food and beverage sector with 81 million transactions worth 617.6 million , Followed by the health care and pharmaceuticals sector with volume of 67.3 million executed papers valued at LE 526.6 million, followed by basic resources sector with a volume of 50.1 million executed securities worth LE 598.6 million.

And the banking and chemicals sectors ranked in the last two positions respectively, with the volume of trading of the first 29.8 million executed securities worth 1891.2 million pounds, the second volume of circulation of 28 million paper worth 330.8 million pounds



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