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The Pulitzer Prize is the accolade for every journalist. But this year, a man was also pleased to receive an award that would not have been associated with the most important US media prize before:
Kendrick Lamar (30). He was awarded in the category “Music” for his album “Damn”. But who is the rapper who is already a real superstar in the US?
His career took off in 2010 as he made his name in the mix with his mixtape “Overly Dedicated”. His album “Section 80” became one of the most successful albums of the year the following year. International, he made the breakthrough in 2012 with his second studio album “Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City”. His biggest hits include “HUMBLE” and “DNA” from the latest album “Damn”. But that’s not all that worth knowing about Kendrick Lamar. Here are ten interesting facts about the newly crowned Pulitzer Prize winner.
1. Kendrick Lamar grew up in Compton. The suburb of Los Angeles was marked by violent gangs. Some of his friends belonged to the Bloods, another to the rival Crips. Lamar himself was never a member of a gang, they say.


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