05:20 PM

Monday 23 September 2019

Written by Dina Khaled:

The dollar rose against the pound, in Albaraka banks, Credit Agricole, Construction and Housing, with the end of trading on Monday, compared to its prices in morning trading, while the price fell in the Suez Canal Bank and settled in 6 other banks.

The dollar rose against the pound one pound, in Al Baraka and Credit Agricole to 16.25 pounds to buy and 16.35 pounds on sale.

The dollar rose two piasters at the Housing and Development Bank to 16.26 pounds for purchase and 16.36 pounds for sale.

The US currency fell one penny in the Suez Canal Bank to 16.24 pounds for buying and 16.34 pounds for sale.

The dollar remained steady at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank at 16.26 pounds for buying and 16.35 pounds for sale.

The price of the US currency in the banks of Ahli, Egypt, Arab African, Alexandria and Commercial International at 16.24 pounds to buy, and 16.34 pounds for sale.



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