Fine and prison sentence for fighters on KLM flight

The aircraft landed at Schiphol at half past eight in the morning. During the flight, there were altercations between a group of four men (suspects aged 24, 25, 35 and 35) and a group of two men (including a 33-year-old suspect). The two men are said to have made discriminatory comments towards the four. Fellow passengers indicated to the cabin crew that the atmosphere in the plane was unpleasant.

After landing, the captain decided to let the group of two men disembark first. This was restless. Something was said, after which the 33-year-old suspect punched the 25-year-old suspect from the other group. A fight ensued in which the group of four grabbed, punched and kicked the 33-year-old suspect. The captain and purser were also injured.

Violence against crew
The court finds it proven that the group of four suspects openly committed violence towards the 33-year-old suspect, the captain and the purser. The court also takes into account the fact that the staff themselves have suffered injuries. The other passengers must have felt very anxious, according to the motivation of the judgement. They were still in belts and could not leave the plane. Video footage of fellow passengers shows that they are urging suspects to calm down. This also weighs heavily on the court.

Two suspects from the group of four stated after the incident that they reacted in self-defense after the 33-year-old suspect gave a blow. However, the court finds that they sought confrontation and participated in the fight more than self-defense.

The court finds it proven that the 33-year-old suspect assaulted the 25-year-old suspect from the other group. The court blames him heavily for causing the situation to escalate by striking the first blow. The suspect is on sick leave due to mental problems and has no job. He also does not see his children anymore because of this incident. The court will take this into account when determining his sentence.

Four men will each receive a fine of 1,000 euros and a prison sentence of 90 days, of which 88 days are suspended with a probation period of three years. The 33-year-old fifth suspect will receive a fine of 500 euros and a suspended prison sentence of 14 days with a probation period of two years. The case of a sixth suspect has been dropped due to lack of evidence.

A traveler posted images of the fight on Twitter:


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