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Fine cream fish fillet: build up east

At shortly after 18 o'clock there is
Ignacio Uriarte aka Lions Head on the stage of the Dessau Bauhaus
Weltschmerz out, which arises when you are not in love things anymore
knows what you want. "Do not wanna see you go, do not wanna see you, do not wanna
see you go, do not wanna see you
"so languishes the American
Singer-songwriter through the thin windows on the forecourt. Stand there
ZDF trucks, various security people and a few guests of the café-bistro im
Basement – valued cultural tourists and smart-looking young people
they smoke and chat. The venerable Bauhaus in the here and now.
Applause from inside.

Who does not consider culture beautiful
Wallpaper considered, but as a friction phenomenon, may still mourn the planned course of this evening. Feine Sahne Fischfilet should appear here as part of the filmed concert series ZDF @ Bauhaus.
Had not rights and right-wing extremists mobilized against what they see as extremist leftist, so intolerable band and would then
The Bauhaus boss Claudia Perren is not afraid to get floors and windows and
Their Bauhaus concert canceled without further ado.

You would really like that
seen – and maybe it would even have been something for all those in
Fine cream fish fillet the ultimate threat to democratic coexistence
to recognize: how the overwhelming stage personality Jan Gorkow
aka Monchi, singer of the band, pulling fluffy over socks to their feet
got to; how the percussion is gently placed on replicas of Bauhaus tapestries; as
Museum staff with worried look unfurling the hall; and how finally the Gropius-Bau itself during the
Concerts the somewhat biased-looking band and not quite the pogo
Rousing 120-person culture audiences questioned whether that was really a powerful one
artistic and political response to right-wing radicalism looks.

Finest order

Instead, it looks as if the Dessauer
World this evening in the finest order. Between Bauhaus
and Brauhaus, where the fine-cream-fish-filet-concert after all kinds of back and forth
substitute takes place, are about one kilometer distance and exactly the
Terrain transition that turns a daring experiment into a pretty ordinary one
Can do something. About a few railroad tracks, it goes into the commercial area,
the road becomes bumpy, the surroundings karst. Around the entrance to the
former brewery grounds are cars from the surrounding towns and cities
Counties, but also from Hildesheim, Berlin and Leverkusen. The amount at
Inlet is mixed left-handed mixed. The few Iros are in celebration of the
High day, high spirits. Whether the civil protection there
could not even bring a few beers at the front, one was already quite
under-hopped in the queue. Or maybe the police. It stands
discreet but clearly prepared in the surrounding driveways.

There were three demos
in this day in Dessau logged in, one of which was right, she was back shortly
called off. So this seems like the safest punk concert in one for
Punk concerts completely normal frame. Does it have to be that way? And above all: you have to
be here, if you are not otherwise interested in punk rock?

Fine cream fish fillet are none
state-monitored or persecuted band, they also play in comparable cities in cultural centers and small halls, they have their audience, fans, one
quite comfortable cosmos
, That the brewery, like Monchi right in his
Welcoming emphasizes, "not a glossy location, but a thousand times hornier" than that
Bauhaus, you can understand against this background. Of course you can do it too
turn around: Not only the Bauhaus missed a chance of confrontation.
Even fine cream fish fillet make themselves comfortable by the fact that
they play a concert in Dessau this evening, to a heroic act of
Fans, the organizer and their self exaggerate. Instead of
seriously angry regret to have been brought to a big little appearance
to be in an ultimately smaller big appearance in the high
Kesselhaus only one or the other tip direction Bauhaus going on. So will be about
the fact that instead of glass only plastic beer bottles from the stage into the
Audience fly, thus commenting that it is the band members
After all, well-behaved young people handle neither floors nor walls
wanted to scratch. "Because it stops there!" Monchi exclaims.



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