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Fine millionaire to Facebook for violating the privacy of its users



The Federal Trade Commission of the USA (FTC, for its acronym in English) has imposed on Facebook a penalty of 5,000 million dollars for its management of the privacy of users The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post reported today.

The two newspapers quoted anonymous sources aware of the situation and indicated that the yes in favor of that measure received 3 votes in favor – those of the representatives of the Republican Party – and 2 against – those of the Democrats – in the regulatory body.

If officially confirmed the amount of the penalty, would correspond to the calculation that had already made the company that runs Mark Zuckerberg, that last April, when presenting its financial results, warned that was prepared to receive a fine of "between 3,000 and 5,000 million" of dollars by the FTC.

"We estimate that the range of loss in this issue is between 3,000 and 5,000 million. The issue remains unresolved, and there is no guarantee regarding the calendar or what the terms of any possible outcome will be, "he said. Facebook in that occasion.

For the moment, neither from the FTC nor from the company have they made any comments about it nor have they confirmed or denied the published information.

Is about the largest amount ever imposed by the regulatory body on a technology company.

The trigger for the investigation was the information unveiled in March 2018 that the British consultant Cambridge Analytica used an application to collect data from 87 million users of the platform without their consent and for political purposes.

The company used Facebook data to elaborate psychological profiles of voters, which supposedly sold to the campaign of the now president of the United States, Donald Trump, during the 2016 elections, among others.

Sharing data with third parties without notifying Internet users constitutes, as the FTC would have determined, a violation of the agreement on privacy that the social network reached in 2011 with the government agency.

According to The Wall Street Journal, after the vote, the matter has been transferred to the civil division of the Department of Justice, which will review the procedure and make a final decision, although it is not usual for the Government to modify the sanctions agreed by the FTC.

For its part, The Washington Post added that, in addition to the fine, Facebook also must inform the agency in the future of each decision that it takes regarding the data of the users before offering new products and should increase vigilance about third-party applications.

On the other hand, the top executives of the company of Menlo Park (California, USA), including co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, must publicly admit that they have failed to protect the privacy of users.

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