Aware of the need to adapt the entire road network of the municipality, the services it provides and the municipal facilities it manages, the Finestrat City Council has drawn up a new Accessibility Plan, which updates the existing one since 2013 incorporating all legal requirements.

The Plan, subsidized by the Alicante Provincial Council with 17,454 euros, will respond to the exhaustive analysis that has been made of the real situation of the municipality and will carry out all those actions that are necessary to solve the deficiencies detected that prevent equal access for all people.


The Councilor for Works and Projects, José Vicente Lloret, highlighted the field work that has been done, “all the streets of the municipality have been traveled to see all those deficiencies in their access or signaling. Corrective measures have been proposed in the municipal buildings that needed it. All stops and stations of public transport of municipal jurisdiction will be adjusted. And all communication systems such as the Web and other City Council applications will be adapted to any person with a disability ”.

This new Universal Accessibility Plan has taken into account all those people with a physical, sensory, intellectual, developmental or reduced mobility disability.

“For the City of Finestrat it is essential and a priority that each of its neighbors can use any service, visit any place or access any building regardless of their cognitive, physical or age abilities”, the mayor concluded.

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