Finistère: the story of Villa Alice, from Instagram and TikTok to the book

Maële has collaborated with creators for the design of crowdfunding rewards. ©Quimper side

It’s a story that has fascinated social networks far beyond the Finistere. That of the encounter between a family and a house, the objects it still contained and the lives it sheltered. The history of Villa Alice.

This house of Cast, near ChâteaulinMaële and Renaud became the owners in January 2022. They discovered old objects, writings, family photos…

“I told, day after day, for a year, our discoveries on social networks in the form of episodes, today there are more than 40! “, indicates Maële who also reconstituted the life of the inhabitants of the house.

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Crowdfunding on Ulule

As soon as the first videos were published, Internet users suggested that Maële make something that would last over time, like a book. “The idea caught on, I’ve been working on the project for six months. »

She wishes it was a beautiful book, printed in Finistère. To enable its realization, Maële has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule internet platform.

The project will be launched if 600 copies are pre-sold. “We are currently at 310. The campaign runs until April 13. »

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For October

Maële joined the collaboration of creators whose work she likes to imagine rewards for the people who will take part in this crowdfunding (from 35 euros per book).

There are thus textile creations by Bertille and Lucien, the mini ceramic garden of La Cabane Omawë, the postcards of La Mandarine bleue, the embroidered frame of Jules and Jane:

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If the goal is reached, she will finalize the writing and the layout (she is a graphic designer) for a scheduled release in October. “I will then have 1,000 printed so that copies are available for purchase in stores. I am also looking for broadcasters…”

Practical information.
Crowdfunding campaign on around the project on Saturday March 25 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Odette restaurant in Locronan.
TikTok/Instagram : @villaalice.29

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