Finn Wolfhard Testifies About Panic Attacks On The Set Of ‘Stranger Things’: “I Tried To Hide It” | Celebrities

CELEBRITIESFinn Wolfhard (20), better known as Mike Wheeler in the hit series ‘Stranger Things’, has shown his most candid side. In an interview with ‘GQ’ magazine, he talks about the toll of fame at a young age and testifies about panic attacks. “I don’t care if people find me relevant or not.”

At the age of sixteen, Wolfhard suffered frequent panic attacks. “Everyone thought I was fine, but actually I was suffering from anxiety attacks. I didn’t talk about it and tried to hide it because I felt like there was no time for it. I was always working,” he tells GQ. The actor was on the set of ‘Stranger Things’ at the time. But even today, Wolfhard still struggles with mental health problems. “While filming ‘When You Finish Saving The World’ (which came out at the beginning of January, ed.) I was so nervous that I had another panic attack. I put too much pressure on myself. I was like, ‘This is the first film I’m making as an adult, so I have to prove myself,'” he recalls. Fortunately, Jesse Eisenberg, the film’s writer and director, reassured him. Eisenberg assisted him with advice and action and also shared his own experiences with panic attacks.

The toll of fame

The anxiety attacks are undoubtedly also related to the fact that Wolfhard suddenly became world famous as a thirteen-year-old. “It’s really weird to suddenly become famous at such a young age,” explains Wolfhard. After the smash success of ‘Stranger Things’, he gained an influx of followers on social media and images of his character were shared everywhere. I saw pictures and videos of myself everywhere and that was very uncomfortable. I really thought: “Wow, this is strange,” he says. To compensate, the actor has tried to live as normal a life as possible in recent years. went back to high school to get his degree and currently lives with friends in a house in Los Angeles.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers en Eduardo Franco as Argyle in ‘Stranger Things’. © AP

Career na ‘Stranger Things’

Wolfhard will soon rejoin Hawkins’ gang in “Stranger Things.” Filming for the fifth and final season of the series will start this spring. “I watched the fourth season and I loved it so much. I am very much looking forward to season five. It’s going to be so much fun and we’re going to end the adventure on a high note,” he tells GQ. He is not worried about his career after the successful series. “I don’t care if people find me relevant or not. The most important thing is that the people around me are doing well and I am also focusing on my job.” There is no question that he loves his job. But he certainly won’t rule out a break in the future. “The idea is scary. But I try to encourage it, also for my colleagues,” he says. “Sometimes you need to take a breather and then you will get even better at your job.”

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