FiRa Consortium reaches important milestones for ultra-broadband development


The FiRa ™ Consortium, a driving force behind the bringing together of well-known innovators to expand and advance ultra-broadband technology (UWB), today announced two milestones in the market acceptance of UWB technology. First, the initial phase of its certification program is launched, which aims to promote interoperability between UWB devices. At the same time, the FiRa Consortium announces that it now has over 100 members, including all of the leading mobile phone manufacturers worldwide as well as market leaders in the fields of semiconductors, networks, secure access and consumer technology.

“UWB is fast becoming a pillar of wireless local connectivity technology alongside WLAN and Bluetooth,” said Charlie Zhang, CEO of the FiRa Consortium. “In combination with the current membership dynamic, our certification program means that the market is prepared and ready for a broad implementation of UWB in all market sectors.”

The FiRa Consortium’s certification program is the first to offer basic testing and certification that focuses on UWB’s pinpoint location and distance capabilities, one of the most important steps required to facilitate device interoperability. This is an integral part of FiRa’s future vision for the future of UWB with fine-ranging capacity, where certified smartphones can find location tags, securely unlock doors, and seamlessly interact with consumer electronics using FiRa-certified UWB technology from each vendor was created.

All “FiRa Certified” ™ devices are tested by independent authorized test laboratories (ATLs) according to the FiRa device certification process. Devices must meet the FiRa specifications for MAC / PHY conformity – proof that the device complies with the relevant FiRa specifications.

“Cross-vendor interoperability is the basis for the growth of any open technology ecosystem,” said Reinhard Meindl, co-chair of the working group for compliance and certification at the FiRa Consortium. “Our base certification program is an important first step that ensures an essential level of compliance as we build a platform for the continued growth of UWB usage.”

Manufacturers can now start certifying their devices for MAC / PHY compliance. The first products will be certified by the end of 2021, with many more to be certified in 2022. The FiRa Consortium will further develop the UWB certification for layers via MAC / PHY, with the next iteration planned for mid-2022.

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