Fire alert at the Marius Nasta Institute, after smoke emissions at the ATI mobile unit in the hospital yard. Voiculescu’s statements about the incident

UPDATE 00:00 The authorities and the representatives of the Marius Nasta institute offer contradictory statements about the incident

IGSU chief Raed Arafat said on Sunday evening that he had no information that there had been a fire at the mobile unit at the Marius Nasta Institute. Arafat also spoke about five intubated patients, both of whom were contradicted by the institute’s management.

Instead, the management of the Marius Nasta institute spoke about a flame and smoke that appeared at the fan on the mobile unit.

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UPDATE 23:40 A power outage would have caused the incident

An incident took place on Sunday evening at an external ATI section of the Marius Nasta Institute in Bucharest.

According to the first information, the fire broke out due to a ventilator located on the ATI mobile unit at Marius Nasta Hospital. The smoke was seen around 10.30 pm and the authorities were alerted.

Inside the unit were seven Covid patients, five of whom were allegedly intubated. There are eight fire trucks, an escalator, eight SMURD crews and a mobile intensive care unit on site.

The Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu, gave assurances that the patients are transferred to the central wards in Marius Nasta, where there are enough vacancies: “There are patients who did not need intubation, but people are scared.”

A possible cause is a power failure.

“Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumoftiziology informs patients, relatives and the public about the fact that this evening there was an incident with a fan located in the outer perimeter of the ATI mobile unit. No patients were injured in the incident, and patients in the ATI mobile unit are currently being transferred to the ATI department inside. We are currently on the ground to assess the situation and take the necessary measures. We will return in detail, “said Dr. Beatrice Mahler, manager of the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumoftiziology.


A large number of rescue crews were mobilized at the Marius Nasta Institute. Emissions of smoke were reported at the Mobile Unit within the Institute.

In the external unit from Nasta were hospitalized 7 patients, 5 intubated. From the first information, the patients were moved to the central unit.

“Recently, it was announced that smoke is being emitted from an outside fan of the ATI mobile unit at Marius Nasta Hospital. There are 7 patients inside the mobile unit, 5 of them being intubated, who were not injured. 8 fire trucks, 8 SMURDs intervene “, declared ISU.

“At this moment, no more smoke is observed and checks are made to identify the outbreak. As a precaution, the 7 patients will be relocated to other wards of the hospital “.

Vlad Voiculescu told Digi24 that there was never a fire, but a generator emitted smoke.

“It is an ATI caravan, there is nothing to worry about. Patients are being evacuated now. There are no victims, there was no fire, just a scare “, said the minister.

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