FIRE AND BLOOD – Hispamer Nicaragua Bookstore

George RR Martin’s new book tells the fascinating story of the Targaryens, the dynasty that ruled Westeros three hundred years before the start of A Song of Ice and Fire, the saga that inspired the HBO series: Game of Thrones. Centuries before the events recounted in A Song of Ice and Fire took place, the Targaryen house, the only dynasty of dragon lords to survive the Curse of Valyria, settled on the island of Rocadragon. Here we have the first of two volumes in which the author of Game of Thrones tells us, in great detail, the history of such a fascinating family: beginning with Aegon I Targaryen, creator of the iconic Iron Throne, and followed by the rest of the generations of Targaryens who fought fiercely to retain power, and the throne, until the arrival of the civil war that almost ended them. What really happened during the Dragon Dance? Why was it so dangerous to approach Valyria after the Curse? What was Westeros like when dragons ruled the skies? These, and many others, are the questions answered by this monumental chronicle, narrated by a cult master of the Citadel, which anticipates the well-known universe of George RR Martin. Fire and Blood will give readers a chance to get another glimpse of the fascinating history of Westeros. This work, magnificently illustrated with 85 previously unpublished plates by Doug Wheatley, will undoubtedly become a must-read for all fans of the acclaimed series.