Fire at the landfill in Przysieka Polska [WIDEO, ZDJĘCIA]

Firefighters are still working on extinguishing the fire at the landfill in Przysieka Polska in the Kościan district in Greater Poland. The action is expected to last all Tuesday. We received a fire signal, video and photos from the audience on the RMF FM Hotline. They also alert that this is the fifth fire at this plant this year.

“Around 10:00 am we received a report that There was a fire on the premises of the scrap purchase and processing plant. It covers three heaps with already processed materials, “said RMF FM, young aspirant Dawid Kryś, press officer of the fire brigade in Kościan.

At that moment, before 11:00 a.m., 15 guards were fighting the fire, and others – from the entire Kościan district, as well as from Poznań, Leszno and Śrem – were reaching the place. Two hours later, more than 150 firefighters were in action.

“At the moment there is no threat and no need to evacuate the inhabitants” – said Dawid Kryś.

However, firefighters appeal to the residents of nearby houses, among others to close the windows.

“Due to the heavy smoke we appeal to residents to close their windows and, if possible, not to go outside “ – said the aspirant Kryś.

He added that the plant was not working today, so on its premises there were no employees.

“At the moment, we have no information that anyone has been injured,” he said.

As firefighters predict The extinguishing of the fire will last at least until Tuesday. The conditions are very difficult. Due to the high level of smoke, rescuers work in special respiratory protection equipment, so they need to be changed more often. The wind and the increasing temperature do not help.

The flames covered an area of ​​2,000 square meters up to 10 meters high.

The landfill is located in the immediate vicinity on the Wrocław-Poznań railway line, therefore travelers on this route must take into account difficulties.

“The traffic is slow there: there is, but the trains, passing by this place, they slow down due to smoke “ – explained Dawid Kryś.

Firefighters pour heaps of water and use an excavator to transport the extinguished waste to a free yard on the premises of the plant. The heaps are successively dismantled, on-site operations are still carried out by over a hundred firefighters, supported by 25 cadets from the school of aspirants in Poznań.

Listeners who informed us about the fire, by calling and writing to RMF FM Hot Line, they emphasized that this was another such situation recently.

“On June 3 we had such a fire there” – confirmed the aspirant Kryś.

Then the firefighting operation – and it was a fire of similar size – lasted 3 days.

The local portal points out, however, that also the day before, there was a fire on the premises of the plant – and it was not the first fire in this place in recent months.

On June 2 – as we read – “at the plant in Przysieka Polska there was a fire of one of the loaders”. However, it did not have time to spread: the workers quickly took control of the situation, and the firefighters called to extinguish the site.

The portal also lists that fires also broke out at the plant in February this year and in August, July and January last year.



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