Fire brigades of the VG Asbach support blood donation

Press release from 07/13/2022

The DRK Blood Donation Service West is currently drawing attention to the urgent need for blood donations. This call was also received by the fire brigades in the Asbach association of municipalities. “Without thinking twice, it was clear: We’re going to donate blood,” reports fire chief Arnold Schuecke and mobilized the firefighters.

The inventory of blood preparations is at a low level. (Photo: DRK Blood Donation Service West)

Asbach. “With almost 20 donors, the firefighters made the blood donation in Asbach a success at the end of June,” says Bernd Grendel, chairman of the DRK local association in Asbach. A total of 191 donors came, of which 25 were first-time donors. Mayor Michael Christ was also there and thanked the firefighters for their great commitment.

The DRK local association in Asbach organizes five blood donations per year in the community center in Asbach. This year, blood donations have been taking place in Asbach for 60 years. Around 45,000 blood donors donated their blood during this time. These donations have certainly helped many people and also saved many their lives.

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Around 15,000 blood donations are needed every day to care for sick and injured people in Germany. In order to be able to supply the clinics and medical practices on a daily basis, a continuous number of blood donations is required. For a long time, the blood donation service has not been able to supply the facilities in the medical field with the requested quantity of blood preparations, and the stock is still at a very low level. For this reason, the blood donation services are looking with great concern to the summer holidays, when donations are always lower. (PM)

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